Kickstart and accelerate your leadership career with the proven 7-step CONNECT Method


This is a DIY online coaching course featuring a series of instructional videos, exclusive content and regular group (or optional 1:1) coaching calls that teaches aspiring, or existing, board directors the right approach to landing the board role of their dreams.

What is CONNECT?

CONNECT is an acronym that stands for our unique 7-step Method for kickstarting and accelerating your board career. Whether you are curious to see what is needed or feel ready to take your seat at the table, the CONNECT Method is the repeatedly proven way to start your journey to the boardroom.

C - Consider your Commitment

O - Own your Unique Value

N - Nail your Assets

N - Network your Value

E - Execute your Plan

C - Conduct your Due Diligence

T - Thrive in the Boardroom

Who is it for?

This course is unlike anything you've seen before and it's for just about anyone. Don’t let self-doubt or other perceived barriers get you thinking you don’t belong on a board. A lack of age, experience or different backgrounds can be overcome in many ways and do not dictate the quality of contribution you can make on a board.

Our youngest alumni followed CONNECT at the age 20. That person is now on two boards at the age of 21! Let us help you unlock your potential as a leader.

What does the course include?

  • Step-by step, 10 unique videos including; your why, your personal profile, networking your value, planning your approach, nailing your Board CV, due diligence and more!
  • Monthly invite to group coaching calls with Paul Smith.
  • (OPTIONAL) 1:1 coaching with Paul for additional free - 3 sessions of your choice.
  • Downloadable worksheets and supporting documents to help you raise your personal profile and communicate your unique value to networks and boardrooms, online and offline.
  • Exclusive content and invitations for the CONNECT(ed) community
  • The ability to interact with and build a supportive network of fellow participants
  • The cost of the program can be counted towards payment for our full Make Me a Board Director program fee
  • Ask questions of the Future Directors team

Ultimately this course can be done at your own pace and your coaching calls can deliver you confidence, guidance, motivation and more at any point during or after the course.

Want to learn more?

Watch the video above and hear all about the program from Paul.

Check out the Testimonials below

See who else has done the course and what they are saying about it. More success stories can be found on the Future Directors website.

Your mentor for this online course will be Paul Smith, co-founder and CEO of Future Directors.

Paul is a Board Futurist, coach, advisor and non-executive director with a passion for advancing diversity and inclusion in the boardroom. He is dedicated to helping next generation leaders Shape the Future from the boardroom and become successful, accountable and compassionate leaders.

Paul is the Chair of a major NGO and was the youngest director by 20 years before recruiting a more diverse boardroom. He advises boardrooms on diversity, succession planning and board composition.

Paul is also an international keynote speaker, podcaster, author (soon to be launched book about the Future of the Boardroom) and a member of international governance committees.

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Quest Curriculum

  • 4 Phases
  • Coaching By Paul
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Phase 01

    Build Your Foundations

    We start by introducing you to the core foundations of the CONNECT Method and help get you on your way. Discover the who, what, when, where, and why of what you need and what you want. We help you answer the big questions and find your true direction.

  • Phase 02

    Make Yourself Visible

    Next, let us help you prepare the right materials, focus your priorities, and set goals to grab the right board role for you. This level is where the rubber really hits the road and you develop your personal profile and unique value. You'll sail into the next level with all the right tools!

  • Phase 03

    Take Your Seat at the (Right) Table

    A board role is now in your future! You're armed with the right tools of the CONNECT Method, so take the ultimate steps to securing a role as a board director. Here we tell you what mistakes to avoid, how to determine which role is best suited for you, and how to Thrive in the Boardroom!

  • Phase 04

    What Next?

    These are the next steps to continue your learning beyond the CONNECT course. Join our community, get networking with a diverse group of like-minded leaders, have more coaching time or perhaps join our next full "Make Me a Board Director" program. Whatever you need!

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Success Stories

  • Chris Nightingale

    It got me asking the right questions!

    "The Future Directors CONNECT course provided me with a valuable introduction to the key questions I needed to ask myself before pursuing a board role. It prompted me to ask what type of board role is the right fit for me and how can I best position myself to get it.”"

  • Ming Zhang

    It made absolute sense!

    "This course was very insightful and made absolute sense in terms of the 7 step method for securing the right board role. I am thankful for having the opportunity to complete it."

  • Carlo Guaia

    A valuable introduction

    "The Future Directors CONNECT course has given me a valuable introduction on what type of board role suits me best and the steps to follow to achieve a successful board role."

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  • 165

    Get Accelerated Learning

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  • 775

    1:1 Coaching Included

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